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Solarforce-648 Tanning Bed

SolarForce 648 (Serenity)

The SolarForce 648 boasts 60 total lamps including 4 facial lamps, 8 shoulder tanners, and 180 Watt body lamps for an all around even tan! This tanning bed makes for a great choice if you like amazing color but prefer to come in more frequently without getting overly dark. Most skin types will need 5-7 sessions to build a deep base tan and 1 session every 5-7 days to maintain it depending on desired color and overall skin health.


ETS Star Power P548 Tanning Bed

SolarForce  StarPower 548 Tanning Bed

Experience the power of the StarPower 548 tanning bed! With 48 Wolff® system tanning bed lamps, 4 Ultra Pressure® facials and a photometrically designed shoulder tanner, the StarPower commercial tanning bed will quickly become your favorite.



velocity hp1000 tanning bed

Velocity HP1000 – 15 Minute Session

The Velocity tanning bed is the most revolutionary 360° high pressure tanning bed to hit the tanning industry. The radical shape of the Velocity HP1000 tanning bed puts your clients in the center of the tanning power by scientifically angling three banks of lamps for a uniform, full body tan.



TROPICAL 41UPP Tanning Bed

UWE Tropical Series 41upp Tanning Bed – 15 Min. Session

The UWE Tropical Series 41UPP has frosted acrylic for optimum UV dispersion and even tan. There is also a user-controlled low pressure facial lamps. This is a great bed to get you an even tan.





Ergoline Tanning Bed

Ergoline Ambition 250 Tanning Bed

Great tanning bed for a beginner or experienced tanner. Curved acrylic shape results in optimized UV distribution for a comfortable, even, all-over tan. Featuring three 400 watt high pressure units for the facial area, 32 UV lamps for the body area, and large rotary fans that send the skin a refreshing stream of cool air.


Sundazzler VHR

Sundazzler Stand up Tanning Bed

Be Dazzled with awesome tanning power! The 11 minute Sundazzler™ is powered by 46 Rave™ 160 APR 160 watt lamps. You will enjoy the convenience of this powerful tanning session. To accommodate the Sundazzler™. If you are looking for value, results in a tanning booth, look no further. The Sundazzler™ is truly “America’s Best Tan™”.






Mystic Tan Booth

Mystic Booth

The Mystic Tan Booth is designed to deliver a customized sunless tanning application to each customer based on their body size, skin type and desired color. There are three tanning level options available to produce the optimal tanning results for each individual customer.





Norvell Custom Airbrushing

Spray tanning is a great & healthier alternative to regular sun bathing or tanning beds. Now you have the choice to get a beautiful bronze without damaging your skin.







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