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Norvell Amber Sun Airbrush Tanning Solution is a custom designed sunless airbrush tanning solution that produces a “just off the beach” tan! Norvell Amber Sun top of the line spray tanning solution is a fast drying, natural spray tan solution that customers rave about. This natural airbrush tan solution is so easy to use, radiant bronzed skin is only one spray away! It is also long-lasting, which makes it one of the best spray tanning solutions on the market. The Norvell Amber Sun spray tan and airbrush tan solutions vary in shade and color, so browse the full selection below to find the perfect sunless tanning solution for you!


Norvell Custom Airbrush FAQ

How many days will a sunless tan last?

The longevity of a sunless tan depends on the skin’s natural exfoliation process, and the skincare regimen followed before and after application. On average, self tanners last 5-7 days.

What about the after-odor often associated with sunless tanning?

Norvell uses the newest technology in odor inhibitors to encapsulate the odor causing agents commonly associated with DHA products. We then blend the fragrance with DHA in a manor which allows the pleasant fragrance of raspberry and almonds to come through, eliminating the dreaded “sunless smell”.

Will solution stain my hair?

No. Most people will not see any affect on the color of their hair. If you have light blonde, gray or platinum hair may see some discoloration from the cosmetic bronzers initially, however, this color will wash out with the first shower after the session.

Will I turn orange?

No. We have perfectly blended our cosmetic bronzer to give our customers that “just off the beach” look and transition smoothly into their DHA color that will later develop.

Can pregnant women be safely sprayed?

As you would before using any product if you are pregnant, its recommend that you consult with your personal physician before tanning. However, Norvell solution is a non-toxic, food grade product that is not known to have any detrimental effects on an expectant mother.



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